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  • Curriculum
Topics :: Students learn about:
  1. Data manipulation and algorithms for managing information
  1. More advanced data objects, tables, arrays, lists.
  1. Techniques that make writing software quicker, easier and more reliable.
  1. What tools exist to help software engineers write code in teams.
  1. Writing 'use cases' to manage program scope and expectations.
  1. Writing tests to verify functionality of code.
  1. Writing modular code, writing function definition documentation, and making promises.
  1. Collecting / analysing data and meeting the needs of known users.
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  • TODO: TODO is a "to do" it is a point where you can consult the lesson plans for in-classroom activities. Eventually these will be hyperlinks to a menu of in-class activities which cover that learning activity.
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"The State shall provide for free primary education..." -- Article 42.4 Irish Constitution, enacted by the people in 1937.
  • Programming & Coding
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Summary :: This is an effort to create a text, teaching guide, and lesson plans for the upcoming Programming and Coding short course being introduced fall 2014 in Ireland. The course references the Junior Cycle Statements of Learning (SOL) where applicable to the content of the course. The course is aligned with the draft curriculum produced by the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment (NCCA) and will be kept in alignment with any subsequent drafts or releases of the course entitled "Programming and Coding".  This is a true open-source crowd-source effort. The ethos is to contribute a public reference and connect teachers with those who would be willing to assist in the planning and implementation of such a course. As such, all content is released under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)  except where covered by license applied due to attribution, where noted.
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  • Design, implement and test a solution
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  • Concepts underlying computer networks 

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